… A glorious night …

An alarm sounds in the distant air
alerting me to something that hangs in the air.
Be not afraid says the gentleman before me
then like post traumatic shock, I cannot remember.
A space? no, not. A well sealed up spot?
Something I care not to remember.
I have not a clue where doth this rise forth
From some distant bygone o’er yonder
Click clack on the track, such an elegant chap
why such response, know not I, yet I wonder

Nicole. C. Singer-songwriter
Magic Mountain Resort
Miami, Queensland, Australia
19 October 2011 just after dawn


William Burroughs on Love

a la   J*** C**k via fb: These are the last words of William Burroughs— written the day he died

Thinking is not enough.
Nothing is.
There is no final enough of wisdom, experience —
any fucking thing.
No Holy Grail, no Final Satori,
no final solution.
Just conflict.
Only thing can resolve conflict is love,
like I felt for Fletch and Ruski, Spooner and Calico.
Pure love.
What I feel for my cats present and past.
What is It?
The Most natural painkiller that there is.